Baking Black Sesame Cookies

I recently tried my hand at making some black sesame ice box cookies!

Ice box cookies are basically logs of cookie dough that you put in the freezer for a firmer texture.  When you're ready to bake, you can slice them and pop them into the oven. They were originally sold commercially for people who did not have time to make their own cookie dough.

There are two 'special' ingredients' you will need for these apart from the usual flour and butter.

They are (1) almond meal and (2) toasted sesame seeds!

I didn't have almond meal but I weighed out some raw almonds I had at home and just put them into the blender till they became a powder.

As for toasted black sesame seeds, my mum and sister apparently fried up a batch last time so I could just use those!

I made my dough and left them in the freezer for 1-2 days before I was ready to bake.

Slicing the frozen log was really hard for me and my cookies ended up in pieces. 😢 I had to remould my cookies. 

Tip time!

⭐ Your cookie log might be too hard to slice when you take them out of the freezer. I tried to defrost them way ahead of time. This makes them easier to slice cleanly.

I used these little bear moulds! I love them so much. I don't remember where we got them from though.

I made a couple of shapes since my original icebox shape failed.

Here's my take on a 'sakura season' mountain landscape.

I also have these other cookie moulds that I rarely use. They are rather long and narrow... hmmm

Taste test:
The black sesame did not disappoint! They were fragrant. However, I think we can be more liberal with the butter.

I was initially going for a crispy kind of cookie but since I failed to slice them well and thinly, I had to forgo that. This batch ended up being not too soft and not too crispy. Maybe good for Goldilocks but I prefer them either more soft or more crispy. Oh well! Gotta experiment again with more butter!

Why do we have so many gifs today? It's because I initially intended to make a vlog and these are actually video footage!

I packed the cookies with these adorable cat bags for my friends!

The video ended up with a *crisp* ASMR sound. It was satisfying...

It was an interesting experience though I much prefer the 'Jenny' butter cookies that I made the previous time!



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