Cooking up an EASY fish meal

Recently I had to cook all own meals, so I've been eating a lot of bread, chicken, eggs and noodles. It gets stale.

So I explored the freezer section on my fridge and found this bag of frozen fish. 

FISH!! 🤩🤩🤩

Frozen fish is such a good idea for millennials like me, who can't really differentiate what's good fish or not (for cooking). Also, we can get them easily at the supermarket, instead of the wet market.

If you're a millennial like me, chances are you shop more at the supermarket than the wet market.

Why milliennials don't shop at the wet market (according to me)

  • By the time we get off work/school, the market is closed.
  • Sometimes auntie and uncles are unfriendly and screech at you. In the supermarket nobody yells at you and you can even complete your purchase without talking to anyone using the self-checkout. 
  • We have no idea where to get what V.S. clearly demarcated aisles and standardised format in every supermarket.
  • The most damning: We have no idea what is 'good' and worry about being scammed. In the supermarket, everything is already labelled with its price. This extends to fruits... do you know how to listen to how a watermelon sounds? 
That being said, of course, we sacrifice some freshness and quality when forgoing a trip to the wet market. BUT FOR THE CONVENIENCE AND EASE?

So I opened the packet and found three packets of fish fillets in it. I defrosted one.

Fishy having a good soak.

Then off into the pan he goes! I was lazy to chop up garlic so I went without.
I only used sesame oil (because it smells so good), and later added butter for good measure.

Also heated up my chickpeas, and later transferred everything onto a bed of leftover salad from the night before.

As usual, I liberally sprinkle my favourite condiments: red chilli flakes and black pepper. Skipping the Shichimi Togarashi (七味) because... I ran out ðŸ˜­ 

You could probably also season the fish with miso or soy sauce! I liked it this way. 

Alternate uses of this fish:
  • I think I once tried slicing the fish and added them my instant Tom Yum instant noodles. Crazy upgrade.
  • Fish atop of aglio olio pasta
  • Fish with some creamy sauce
Now, so how/where do you get this frozen fish?

NTUC, Lazada etc. 

For how much?

~$12 / $12.90

Yes, I said EASY, not cheap. 😢

Apparently one packet (3pcs) is about $12 now! It used to be ~$8 according to my parents. That means one piece is now $4!!

We're unlikely to buy from this brand anymore, so I'm going to need to source for something cheaper. Maybe the Toba brand that is $10? We'll see! Or if I can somehow get my hands on Batang fish...

What kind of fish do you guys buy for your cooking? (Other than salmon) 

Do you buy your fish from the wet market or the supermarket? Why? Let me know in the comments!! :)

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  1. You got it right! Salmon is usually my default choice of fish as it's easy to portion and cook without much clean-up required after >> wrap in foil, layer with oyster sauce, tofu, bake! Other than salmon, I go to pre-marinated frozen chicken, pork that are ready to eat after heating up! E.g. Sadia, CP Yakitori sticks :D

    1. Ahhh salmon and tofu? That sounds yummy! Oyster sauce is so useful - I love it in my dry noodles too. I have not tried CP Yakitori sticks - that sounds like a great idea especially since I've been thinking about Tori Q recently... XD Thanks for sharing!!