Duckland - Irish Duck Ramen

Hey friends!

I've just tried Duckland for the first time! I know it has been around for quite some time...

This Tung Lok restaurant has a light-hearted, humorous vibe to it. Staff wear cute cheery shirts with funny quotes.  You know some millennial was behind the marketing and concept. (Nathan Hartono? Haha)

They have a really creative menu of fusion food featuring duck. 

 Enjoy duck in a variety of styles - Chinese salted duck soup, fried duck tongue, in a Western pie, Italian pasta, and even Japanese ramen or donburi. It was a surprising and delightful menu that would excite the curious eater. 

Long Long Long Spicy Spring Rolls, Western/Italian option of a cheese baked minced pork and cabbage dumpling.

How about a duck minced pie?

Waffles? Sign me up please.

Even the drinks sound interesting. Maybe I'll try 'Duckland Sling' and 'Pineapple Pandan Lemongrass' next time! They serve alcoholic beverages and even a chocolate whiskey cake with ice cream.

Click here to check out their Menu.

We went for the Irish Duck Ramen ($14.80 before GST) because it was a rather rainy and blustery day. The menu describes it as "Springy noodles submerged in 6-hour duck bone broth. Topped with roast Irish duck slices, 3-day marinated ramen egg, bamboo shoots, spring onions, seaweed and sesame seeds."

Why Irish? Because Duckland uses ducks from Ireland. The Irish Duck is a cultivate hybrid of the Peking Duck and the Aylesbury Duck.

We didn't have much expectations - all we knew was it likely not going to taste like the standard Japanese ramen, and maybe taste more like a Chinese kind of soup. I thought that the soup might taste something like Ding Tai Fung's ramen soup.

To our surprise, the soup was a very silky, collagen like kind of soup. Wow!

It is not as salty as the usual Japanese ramen flavour, which was fine because I found it absolutely delicious. I was tempted to add some kind of chilli condiment to it but refrained from doing so. Slurped up every bit!

There was a good portion of duck with crispy skin and the noodles were springy as promised. The oozy ramen egg was also the cherry on top! I usually find bamboo shoots kind of 'smelly' and avoid them, but these were fine.

I definitely enjoyed this bowl of noodles and that's why it's here on this blog~

Paya Lebar Quarter, 409057

I'm going to be heading back to try their weekday set lunch menu, or other dishes like Duck Fat Fries and Crisp Fried Duck Sticks, so watch put for a part two of this post!

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