Hampsteads Wetlands - small but dreamy

Hey guys!

Just sharing some photos of a new nature area we visited.

It's a really small - you can complete it in maybe 10 minutes, but green spaces like these are definitely appreciated in our little urban concrete jungle.

It's located near Seletar Airport, or a ~20 minute bus ride from Sengkang MRT. 

It's a very short boardwalk, so don't expect anything like Macritchie Reservoir! It's perfect for a little stroll after a meal at one of the nearby cafes like Wheeler's Estate or Summerhouse though. 

This landscaping (pondscaping?) style is decidedly English -  there is always a certain kind of unkemptness and wildness to it. Compare these to the neat, manicured gardens of the French and the simple but trimmed beauty in Japanese styled gardens. In English style landscapes, plants tend to be allowed to look overgrown or wild. 

I love all sorts of gardens, but if I were to rank these three styles, English styled gardens will definitely be my favourite, followed by the Japanese style and French style. I love the romantic wilderness English styled gardens try to evoke! I think I only got to experience this once on a trip in Germany. It was breathtaking - beautiful, but also with a tinge of underlying tension that comes from the fear of experiencing wild nature. 

If you're keen to learn more about English landscapes, check out this website: https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/features/how-has-the-english-landscape-garden-developed

You can spot turtles, dragonflies, fish, and interesting birds especially if you have a keen eye. We spotted quite a few telephoto enthusiasts! 

A turtle basking in the (scorching) sun.

The lake is dotted with lily pads. I have yet to see an actual frog resting on a lotus/lily pad in real life, though. It's probably too hot for these amphibians friends to hang out in Singapore's weather.

Spotted this little 'shelter' at the end of our walk. 

I couldn't help but feel like Totoro could live here.

Here's my imagined scene:

Totoro with bubble tea, acorns and an umbrella in case it rains because sometimes leaves make patchy shelters.

There are also cool airplane themed playgrounds if you have a little one. Many dogs and their owners were spotted too! Overall, this was a fun escape from the buzz of the city, and you should probably check it out if you are plane spotting, or simply having a meal at one of the cafes or restaurants nearby. 

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