Hvala - matcha or sesame? how about both


Hvala is a cafe specialising in Matcha and other Japanese teas and treats. They are really popular and usually you have to join the queue, before making your order at one of the three (?) order e-kiosks.

We went for the Goma (Sesame) Cake ($8.90) and Warabi Mochi with Gelato ($8.90).

The Goma Slice was ~heavenly~. The sesame cream is fragrant and just dense enough. I liked that the sponge was not too airy too. The bigger, chopped toasty sesame bits at the outer layer also provided a welcome extra texture and crunch. Super good! However, since I now have ~not so sweet asian auntie tastebuds~, the cake would be 100% perfect for me if it were just a tad less sweet. 

As for the Warabi Mochi with Gelato - there were about 8 pieces of warabi mochi! Gasp!
I mean, compare this to Nana's Green Tea's $8 matcha soft serve with warabi mochi (2pcs). The warabi mochi here seems to be smoother too. 

We usually go to Nana's and share one soft serve cone after dinner. However, you need to order one item each to even sit in their cafe... Their warabi mochi is also often sold out. Therefore, considering everything -  at a similar price point we're just gonna go to Hvala... 😆

If you've never been to Hvala, the matcha come in different degrees, with °1, Matcha degree 1 being the least intensity, and °3 being the strongest. °1 was sold out so we just went for °2, which was perfect for us and not too bitter. 

Total bill came up to $22.13 after GST. 

To note

One con is that if you sit near the glass door at the entrance, you're likely going to be stared at by the long queue of customers  👀 

Seats are varied and mostly low so you may end up crouching quite a bit. One of the low tables was like a box-crate kind of table, so to sit, most people have to splay their legs in a rather uncomfortable position. In contrast, if you're lucky you may get a whole bench or plush sofa to yourself. Or sit on a tatami mat. 

I would say the people on the soft sofa (that also come with tables) are the most comfortable. There was a couple on a sofa plugged into their laptop and watching a movie 😅 while in comparison another couple struggled and crouched over their box-crate. Lol. 

Do take note that there is also a time limit! I think it's one hour or 90 minutes - the staff will inform you about it. 

Overall: Pricey but can be an occasional treat! If you're a sesame fan, this cake would be too lovely to skip. Expect queues. 

30 Victoria St, #01-04/05, 
Singapore 187996

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  1. Thanks Skye for the review! Hvala used to be my go-to for a great matcha fix, until the queue became too much to handle D: I heard that their waffles are good too, but it was sold-out on my previous visits months ago. Maybe you can give it a try next time!

    1. Hi there! Thanks for leaving a comment! I'll brave the queue and give the waffles a go next time! :) If it's sold out, guess I have no choice but to sample the other cakes and ice creams... :P