Tea Time: Osulloc Jeju Canola Flower & Honey Tea, Jeju Volcanic Oolong Tea


Hello my friends! It has certainly been eons since I last did a Tea Time post! 

I received these two lovely teas from TT! Thank you very much~

Osulloc is super famous and well known amongst Singaporean tourists visiting Korea! They have cafes in the cities with tea, cakes and desserts as well as a a huge flagship (?) store on Jeju island too.

Ahhh I'm definitely missing travelling now! I've been to Jeju once and it was so lovely. I miss the sea and the nature there. 

The Osulloc store in my memory had lots of samples for you to smell! Teas had dreamy names and beautifully designed packaging. I only bought a green tea product for my friend because I was suffering from choice paralysis and also because the prices were steep :') 

Which is why I'm so excited to try out these teas today!

I tried out the Jeju Canola Flower & Honey Tea first because it was evening and I didn't want to get too more caffeine into my system. 

My first thought of Canola was Canola oil. I have never tried tea made from its flowers and wondered how it would be like.

The fragrance was very surprising! Though the ingredients were just canola, honey and green tea, the tea smelled so fruity! The apricot smell is distinct and sweet. 

Taste wise, the tea is delicate, sweet and comforting. I usually dislike overly flowery teas so this subtlety was just right for me. It's a perfect blend for an afternoon tea with friends on a dreamy autumn day. 

~Days later~

Next, I tried the Jeju Volcanic Oolong Tea. Now you guys know I'm a huge fan of oolong and roasted teas like houjicha. 

The extra detail about where the tea farm is is so charming.

Once again, the fragrance was lovely. Jeju sure grows the tea leaves different! (Or maybe it's all in my head)

It was lighter than the Oolongs I usually have, and there was not any astringency too. Very smooth taste with a light nutty flavour, not so much of a well-rounded tea.

Each box contains 5 sachets of tea and comes in a cute little box!

It's really nice to taste such teas after having lots teas with stronger profiles (such as teas from TWG and T2). It makes me very excited to try teas again! I'll be back with another Tea Time soon! 

Happy New Year, and wishing you guys a wonderful year ahead. 


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