Spring Cleaning 🌱(Extreme Minimalism?)

Chinese New Year is almost upon us!

One of the must-do activities to prepare for this festival is to spring clean.

It's both practical and symbolic. What's a better way than to start the new year fresh and clean?

I recently subscribed to this YouTuber called Samurai Matcha. He is a teacher in a small Japan village who in explores extreme minimalism.

This is one of the most extreme exercises he tried. First, he emptied his room and put everything in storage.  The challenge was that he was only allowed to take out one item daily from his storage over 30 days. He didn't even let himself start with a set of clothing* (only a sumo underwear), toothbrush or a mattress!

*(Of course, he allowed himself to have work equipment and to be dressed properly for work.)

 He even went grocery shopping barefoot. 

He also ran barefoot.

Appalling but amazing to watch. 

Appliances like the fridge and toaster were not allowed too. 

First ten items he chose:
  1. Kimono
  2. Obi (a sash to secure the kimono)
  3. Sandals
  4. T-Shirt
  5. Shorts
  6. Mattress 

  7. Toothbrush
  8. Tenegui towel (a lightweight Japanese towel)
  9. Chopsticks
  10. Deodorant Spray (His students said his clothes smelled bad.)
What would you choose? Many YouTube comments chose to start off with a set of clothes, mattress and toothbrush. I think I would need a water bottle to start off. 



I am not about to attempt this extreme challenge, but it's nice to know that humans actually need few things to survive. However, for comfort and efficiency, we do need some stuff, like washing machines, beds and shoes and such. No need to be a masochist. Minimalism just needs you to be mindful. 

Despite my many decluttering attempts, I still find that I have a lot of things I rarely use in my room. Some hold sentimental value, some are aspirational items and some still have practical value. It's super hard to give/throw away things that 'may still have use!' For example, ugly stationery or wires. 

I guess decluttering never ends? 

One of my friends is attempting a 'no-buy 2022'! Wow! That's really ambitious and sounds really tough. 

I want to make more space for things I am looking forward to, such as a printer! How about you? Do you enjoy spring cleaning and why?

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