Trying to make falafel patties

January 30, 2022

Hi friends!

Recently I tried to make falafel!

Growing up in Singapore, my staples were chicken rice, fishball kuaytiao soup, roti prata, milo and the like. I've only heard of falafel in my teen years (through Tumblr, no less) and only recently tried it as an adult. Slow but better late than never. 

I followed this video! This guy delivers his instructions in a very rhythmic, fun and humorous manner.  Love it! 

I first soaked my dried chickpeas in the fridge overnight, before blending them with garlic, red chilli flakes, white pepper, some water, baking soda and some flour. I didn't have ingredients like cumin at hand. 

Then I put the mixture in the fridge to allow it to chill and stick together more so I can shape them more easily after. 

Off into the pan they go.

Aren't they cute? I made them into patties like the video suggested because they're easier to stack!

My mum steamed two guabaos (割包), also known as pork belly buns. I figured I could use that instead of pita bread! 

Taste: Not bad but I think I put too much garlic in there....

It can't beat the deep fried falafel served with tahini too, but I enjoy it and will make more with different variations like chopped carrots etc. 

Our falalel from Pita Bakery at Haji Lane.

To more kitchen adventures! 


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