I tried to vlog... but everything goes WRONG!

Did I make the headline right? I tried to copy some clickbait style videos XD

Background: I have been on YouTube for maybe more than 10 years now, posting music stuff irregularly. I'm a BIG consumer of watching videos though! Recently I'm into watching vlogs, especially from these creators:

etc etc.

Vlogging seemed like a nice way to record life and preserve some memories. The filming and editing parts also seemed like fun, so I thought I could give it a try! I used my iPhone, tripod and planned to use iMovie because I no longer have access to Adobe Premiere Pro. 




Well, obviously it was not as easy as I thought. 


Here are 3 things I learnt while trying to vlog. 

1. My tripod sucks.

I got this tripod off Shopee for under $10 to prepare for a trip (that did not happen because of Covid-19). It was lightweight, had a remote control option and looked convenient for travelling. 

Well it's just as well because I found out that this tripod is not very stable! It SWAYS when my fan is blowing gently at it. Oh gosh. Imagine having your phone or heavy camera on it only to have it smash to the ground. That's not fun.

2. Vlog Visuals are so hard to attain

I think usually the vlogs strive to have a certain standard of aesthetic. I mean, who wants to want stuff with terrible lighting and framing? Apart from the technical stuff, when your space is cluttered or filled with 'non-aesthetic' things like wires, it's going to make your video look BAD!!!

Here's me trying to do a 'food segment' with avocado and shichimi togarashi. 

I know vlogs are supposedly 'more authentic' but damn it's hard when things don't look very YouTube worthy. 

Look at Honey Jubu's work!  Everything in the frame is gorgeous. 

3. Having to do things 'right' 

I tried to film myself cooking chickpeas, only to realise that my cooking method was wrong.  


 Help. It was also hard to find a space to put my tripod in the kitchen. 

I also tried to do an 'unboxing' sequence where I tried to show the camera something from the box. I aimed wrongly so the item was off screen. Help.

It's hilarious, actually!!! (Maybe I should do comedic vlogging...) 

I have come to conclude vlogging is extremely difficult, even before editing! IF I'm going to attempt it again, I would use my camera which has a flip mirror screen and invest in a better tripod. 

I was a little worried that vlogging would be my new hobby, because it seemed to be a very time consuming activity. The funny thing is, I do not usually like to take videos, not even short-form ones for IG stories, so WHAT WAS I THINKING when I tried to vlog with my phone? Hahaha. Vlogging world, you have been spared from the menace which is me!!! 

Well, nothing beats trying something out once to dissuade oneself. It was still a valuable experience for me ^^

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