2021 in Numbers!

Hey friends! 

Half of January has almost passed - it's not too late to do a 2021 wrap up, is it? 


  • 43 Runs
  • 96.8km
  • I have also hit the point in my life where I'm ordering 0% sugar beverages. Go, me.
  • 280/365 of exercise!(YouTube workouts, runs, trampoline classes, yoga, cycling, rollerblading, swimming etc.)

    That's 76.71%! Wow! (My goal was just to get moving daily, if possible. There were some sick days, vaccination days and plenty of lazy days. Ah well :) Overall I'm pretty satisfied with this!


  • I read 102 books out of my 100 books challenge!

  • 35 Movies
    Favourite Movie:  Paprika
    Least Favourite Movie:  Charlie's Angels (the new one)
    Most Surprising: Sweet Girl, Schemes in Antiques

  • 21 Shows (Dramas and Anime)
    Favourite Show: Jujutsu Kaisen, Blue Period, Street Woman Fighter
    Least Favourite Show:  Shadow and Bone (It was cringey...)
    Most Surprising: Atypical
    Most Disappointing: The Chair, Squid Game* 
    Did not finish: Sweet Home, Law School, Perfect World, Turner and Hooch

    *I know Squid Game was such a hit - but this kind of brutal 'gameplay' concept is absolutely not a new concept to me! I mean, Battle Royale was released in 2000! Hunger Games in 2012, Alice in Borderland, Circle (2015) etc etc. Gosh there were so many. Therefore, I could not appreciate it as much because it was not refreshing for me like it was for others. Sorry.

  • 41 blogposts - Oops, can probably do better here! 

  • I also tried stand up paddling, spin class and trampoline class for the first time!

    SUP was fun! It has been so long since I've experienced sea sports. But of course I enjoyed the 'sitting' portion more than 'standing up'. Haha! 

    Adding a photo of a lady doing YOGA on a paddle board. AMAZING?! Especially when you do it in the sea where there are waves?!?!?! (Such a course is available in Aloha Sea Sports Singapore)

    Spin class was really scary for me - I do not like the clip on shoes. Trampoline was fun too but I also have a fear of falling off the trampoline or spraining my foot by landing wrongly. 


  1. Futurelearn course: Supporting and Engaging People with Autism (January)
  2. Domestika Illustration class (September)
  3. 242 days of Duolingo for Bahasa Indonesia (October)

What's in for me in 2022?
  • I want to continue my daily exercise!
  • I also want to be more mindful of my time and be productive and efficient as much as possible. This applies to both work and life! 
  • I want to explore my art hobby, and perhaps vlogging. I have two more Domestika courses to complete, as well as a small Chubbycat88 shop update coming up!
That's it! Are you the kind of person that works on your resolutions? I think the motivation kinds of peters out towards the end of the year, what do you think?

If you're still puzzling out your new year resolutions and reflecting on 2021, here are some resources.


Also, it's my friend's birthday today. Happy birthday, ELI