5 Cutest Rilakkuma Products (On Shopee)

Hey guys!

I was just browsing Shopee and came across some really cute items and thought I'll share some with you fellow Rilakkuma fans! BTW I'm not affiliated with Shopee or anything! 

There are plenty of products, inclusive of some strange ones - like a Rilakkuma plush with a really loooooooong body. But here are some of my picks!

5. Rilakkuma Hanging Mobile

This is insanely cute! When we were visiting Arashiyama, Kyoto, there was shop selling these traditional hanging mobiles (tsurushi bina). They were NOT cheap but so gorgeous. Which reminds me, there's a Rilakkuma gift shop in Kyoto, I had a whale of a time there. XD

So guess how much this mobile costs?
A jaw dropping $211.85 SGD. 

Here's the link: https://shopee.sg/lala-bear-store-limited-lazy-bear-rilakkuma-chicken-i.182263882.5600105715

4. Rilakkuma Teapot Series

I think I've seen this set of tea cups in Suntec City before, they are super adorable! (And not very practical, but it's still fun to look at them!)

Here's the link: https://shopee.sg/Rilakkuma-Bear-Flower-Tea-Cup-PVC-Figures-Toys-Dolls-6-pieces-Complete-Set-Japan-i.93039433.4819608106

3. Rilakkuma Mini Hanging Toys

You may be familiar with these mini 'hanging' toys, like Fuchiko, a tiny girl that hangs on cups etc.
I actually have a few Fuchikos, collected on trips to Taiwan or Japan, or as souvenirs people get for me! We usually get them from capsule machines.


Here's the link: https://shopee.sg/Rilakkuma-Cup-Glass-Ornament-Miniature-Figure-toy-i.93039433.4019610807

2. Rilakkuma Mini Backpacks

Next, we have something very impractical as well, but oozing with cuteness~

TINY BACKPACKS?! For the plushies. Or your coins.

1. Soft and Fluffy Rilakkuma Plush

Search your souls - can you resist this FLUFF? Classic and lovable! 

Haha, I enjoyed this post and I hope you did too. Stay safe (and stay home) in this difficult time!

Did you see any cute Rilakkuma products? Please share them with me :)