Workout Streak

Hey guys!

I have been on a workout streak - 9 days so far!

It really helps to have fitness kakis to get you off your feet. We video call each other by Google or Whatsapp. Having fitness partners help you avoid procrastination!!

The best workout is the one you did. So don't worry too much and just get started!

Here's a YouTube list I made:

For Lazy Days
Walking exercises are basically sets of exercises with 30 seconds "walking" breaks.
Holly Dolke Walking Exercise 15 min 
Holly Dolke Walking Exercise 20min

Quick and Fast
I really enjoy song workouts! After watching Harley Quinn Birds of Prey, I was really into Doja Cat's song, Boss Bitch. It really pumps you up! Since this workout is short, I usually do it twice and do some running afterwards.
Madfit - Doja Cat Boss Bitch Workout (2:30min)

If you wanna feel more crunch
Emi Wong 30min HIIT (Lots of planking... not my favourite)
Emi Wong 30min Fat Burning

Zumba time!
Sunny Funny Fitness 36min Diet Zumba (I skip the ab crunching at the end, I like this video for the energetic zumba routines!)
Sunny Funny Fitness 15min BTS Zumba  (There's also Blackpink etc haha just choose whatever you like)

Also tried a whole bunch of other things but I didn't really like them.
I've tried Tabata, some Chungha zumba choreos etc. I'll share more new ones when I get to them!

The Nike Run challenge is still on, and I did a short stint of running outside while running errands. However the streets were deserted and I just felt really guilty so nowadays I'm just doing variations of running and jumping on my yoga mat! I don't own a fitness tracker (the free HPB one died) so I just hold my phone and let the Nike Run app do the work. Ran about 3.5km in total so far! A yoga mat is like a indoor treadmill, but more sustainable and saves so much space LOL.

What motivates me to workout:

  • Good music makes you forget the crunch!!!
  • Friends
  • SHOWERS! Honestly, I really look forward to them, especially in this heat. I aim to sweat it out, then treat myself to a nice cold shower. It's great! 

Have any nice workout ideas or videos to share? HMU