Movie: In Time

Hey guys!

What's up? Recently watched a movie called In Time, so here's a lil review!

Movie: In Time (2011)
Starring: Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried
Genre: Action

What's it about:
Will (Justin Timberlake) lives in a world where humans stop ageing genetically at age 25. Time is money and everyone has a lil clock tattoo on their arms. You use the time to buy things, for example, 1 hour for a cup of coffee, or pay 1 month for a standard room in a fancy hotel. When the clock runs out, you die.

Saw a short clip of the movie while browsing Facebook one day so I decided to check it out! Seemed like an interesting idea.

Without giving too much away, J.T. will lead us through action sequences in this movie that comments on unjust social conditions like being a wage slave. You will see the juxtaposing of the different worlds stratified by how much time you have.

Amanda Seyfried is gorgeous, but when she asked, "What do we do now?" I laughed. Also, she runs around in the whole movie in impossible heels. Help.
There are plenty of tidbits about inequality and even more word plays on the idea of time. In a way I think the current Covid situation has given us a lot more time and opportunity to break away from our usual routines and attempt new things that we would usually dismiss due to 'time'.

A little sidetrack but I just watched this video about this lady who lives in the forest. She even has warts on her face like a witch, but her home seems so cosy and lovely. The interviewer asks her about having to light a fire so she could make a cup of tea, whether it is a hassle, and she said that she doesn't have to work to earn money to pay for gas or electricity (she collects twig and kindling from the forest). She said, "In terms of time and motion, who's to say what takes longer?"

I really like how time flows differently for everyone. Time is not wasted if you enjoy it, indeed! 

Lastly, a lil tidbit from the show:

Will's best friend. Leonard, is that you?
Aesthetics: Costume and aesthetics remind me a lot of the Matrix! Black and green is just iconic. Large coats too.

Action: Nothing too fancy. The movie doesn't leave you bored out of your mind, but it doesn't exactly hit the spot and reel you in too.

Overall: A very middling, average movie despite having plenty of star power to go around. Interesting premise without enough plot depth? It had lots of potential so I'm quite disappointed and it would be more of a miss than a hit for me.

I rate this movie a 6.5!