Covid19 - A Snapshot of Singapore

What's up my friends?

Covid-19 has taken over the world by storm, and life has definitely changed for most.

Singapore is currently not on lockdown, but gatherings are limited to less than 10 people. Social distancing is not only encouraged but enforced, with fines and jail time for those who do not comply. Most white collar workers are working from home, while many have found themselves out of a job. Some blue collar workers, especially those hired on a part-time basis, have been dropped from the roster, and in their place, the white collar workers are stepping up to fulfill their duties, especially in the tourism industry (banquet servers, cleaning of hotel rooms etc).

Schools seem to be preparing for a complete lock down too, with a designated stay-home day each week for students. (Wednesday for primary schools, Thursday for secondary schools etc) E-learning through the SLS (student learning space) is conducted. Tuition centres are closed, but many are still conducting online lessons via Zoom or Skype.

The roads are noticeably quiet, which can be both peaceful and eerie at the same time. People still come out to exercise and walk their dogs though, while keeping a distance from others. Each time I leave the house feels like a dangerous wager, especially when I'm on public transport. Sanitisers are kindly shared in common lifts and distributed by the government. People use their keys and pens to press lift buttons. People do not blink an eye at those who wear masks, something that used to be very uncommon sight in Singapore, unlike other Asian countries like Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

Most people try to abstain from going out, so they hole up at home and call for food deliveries and their favourite bubble tea drinks. There's a whole lot more family time and me time, and many find the time to catch up on their sleep and hobbies. The sales of Nintendo Switch is thriving. Many try the dalgona coffee trend.

There were some however who insist on partying, until the entertainment spots like clubs, pubs and karaoke outlets were forcibly closed by the government, amid fears of new clusters. People continue to share real and fake news with each other, the roads all paved with good intentions. From time to time the supermarkets have to deal with panic buying.

Everyone is waiting for this to tide over and get back to 'normal' life. We send our support to those on the front line, and everyone is clinging on to different degrees of hope. Perhaps most people feel that the worst is over here in Singapore, and many are cautiously optimistic.

What is like in your country? How are you holding up? What are the best and worst things that you have experienced so far?

May we all be kind to each other in this time.