Orange Chiffon Cake

Hey guys!

Just wanted to share some pics of my latest baking adventure in the kitchen!

Have not baked a cake in ages, so I dug out my old Ikea cake pan from my teen years and my sis and I attempted this recipe! Looked for a recipe that didn't require the chiffon pan. 

The cake didn't rise much maybe due to the paper lining? That means that our cake could be much more fluffier. Will study this problem more and solve it eventually. However, I love the cake, taste wise! Approved by family too. Might cut down a lil on the sugar though. Felt a lil guilty using 3 eggs for this cake during the covid lockdown too... luckily the result was good!

Pictures by my sister! She has a better grasp of photography for sure.

Wondering what I should attempt to bake next... any suggestions?!