March 2020

Hi buddies!

Thought I'll do my monthly update!

Exercise has been dismal, I've more or less lost the zest for running and have only completed a grand total of ONE run for March. I've also done one swim and one Zumba class. The good news is that I've done 35 bike rides, and that really saved me quite bit on travel fare.

Baking wise, I have been trying to perfect the multigrain bread, so I've tried the tangzhong method where you first prepare a slurry of flour and water. I was so amazed when it worked! My bread has never been fluffier. I am borrowing a chiffon cake mould soon thanks to my friend and I can't wait to try making some cakes!

My sister and I also attempted the Dalgona coffee- but woah using our dad's instant coffee really made our whipped dalgona crazy bitter! We're lucky we have an electric whisk though. Haha!

I've also been making some freshly squeezed orange juice. Shiok on sweltering hot days. Also, since I eat the pulp as well, I essentially get to add the fruit to my daily diet.

Books - I've been reading a lot of murder mysteries, including the Cainsville series from Kelley Armstrong (fairies/fae intertwined with a love triangle and murders), as well as Newcomer from Keigo Higashino. Favourite non-fiction for the month is hands down The Upright Thinkers, which I may share more on the blog soon!


One time when we were at the Sports Hub, we chanced upon the Shimano Cycling World! It's a gallery or museum of sorts, and the best part is being able to check out their bicycle collection over the years! There are really funky and ingenious bicycles like one made of rattan (Vietnam). You can even touch some of these bikes. We also sat there watching a dirt bike / extreme biking clip featuring some daredevils, including young girls (!) which was very entertaining! Well that was actually a while back, nowadays we try to cut down our visits to the outside world now (unless necessary, like work and food).

We also visited Pasir Ris Park and fed horses carrots! What a wonderful sensation, to have a horse snort a carrot from your outstretched palm. It was also kind of scary yet amusing to see the biggest horse kicking/body slamming a smaller pony sized one because he was jealous and hungry. (Most families feed the smaller horses, they seem less intimidating and are overall more gentle. The big horse also likes to bare his large teeth, which undoubtedly scares off any well meaning patron.)

It was also fun to check out the fishing areas... it must be fun to bring home a catch and cook it for dinner. We tried some atas prawn noodles and Japanese hotplate food in the 'hipster' second level of the food centre. Never been here and was quite amused.

Worst spaghetti ever... but juicy delicious hamburg steaks! 

I've also had some extra time on my hands so I dabbled in drawing my friends' pets! HAHA! The results are quite hilarious so I'll share them here, just for laughs.

Well that's about it,  I'll leave you with this video that I find rather calming.

Take care,