Stay-at-home Shenanigans


Been staying at home a lot because of Covid-19. What have you guys been up to? 

Here's my list:

☑ Make pizza from scratch! (Dough recipe here)

☑ Wash my everyday backpack
☑ Declutter
☑ Watch Terrace House
☑ Play Animal Crossing Pocket Camp because I have no Nintendo Switch. 
☑ Play Adorable Home to collect cute furniture and cats.


☑ Record a new mashup

☑ Bake Soy Milk Bread (Recipe here)

☑ Eat avocado chicken & cheese on said bread (prepared by my sister)

☑ Work from home
☑ Blend a sweet potato latte
☑ Eat like a king because my mum cooks great meals
☑ Do a photoshoot for Xiao Long

☑ Do YouTube workouts and KPOP zumba routines (thanks Wenxin, Chanel, Yu Ting, Ganny and San for being fitness buddies)
☑ Read lots

Stay safe,