3 YouTube Videos that gave me LIFE!

This week, I bring to you the 3 YouTube Videos that gave me LIFE! I have been feeling rather listless and maybe bored recently, so these videos really inspired me in some way and I want to share them with you.

1. I Lived On A $5 A Day Budget for A Week In New York City 

From this video, I learned that:

  • The blender and the oven are your best friends.
  • Oats are very versatile. Eat them, bake them, or blend them to make flour for pancakes or oat milk.
  • Even with limited ingredients, the possibilities of what you can make seem endless. The kitchen is your playground and you make the rules.
  • I actually watched an entire YouTube video that spanned 37 minutes!
  • Lazy food is great food. Pro chefs really just eyeball stuff and anything goes in the kitchen when they're at home. Love that laid-back vibe.
  • As the days (in the video) went by, I also found that I liked June, the person attempting this challenge. She is charming in a very off-hand manner and I went on to watch more of her videos on the Delish channel. I love that she is a very chill person that doesn't shout over-enthusiastically into the camera even when she's excited.
  • I aspire to live a life that has little food waste! It's sustainable and not to mention budget friendly. June often repurposed soup or whatever that was left over to make other meals.
Bonus: The video, but in blog form.

2. Building the Perfect Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

You might have already watched this viral video of a 'ninja obstacle course' for squirrels. This man built a full course in his backyard, luring squirrel contenders in with the promise of a mountain of tasty walnuts. It's a very fun and playful video.

I love his passion in creating something that doesn't have much "use". It is truly something that is for fun. The idea itself is very silly and amusing, and the fact that he so seriously executed the plan made this video an instant hit.

My favourite part of the video was when one of the cheeky squirrels 'took a photo' at the photobooth. Overall it was a really entertaining video that was wholesome and fun!

It's freaking entertaining, y'all.

3. DIYing clothes i already own 🌸 (THRIFT FLIP / upcycle / alter)

This girl @therochellefish has recently been blowing up on my YouTube feed, and grew exponentially from 4k to 10k subscribers in a matter of days.

I absolutely dig her quirky, DIY vibe. Her confidence thrums through her videos - you can tell that she's very comfortable in her skin, and that translates well onscreen. Also, it's so nice to see an Asian creating fun content like this.

After watching this video, I tried to DIY my own clothing too ðŸ˜­. I already have a pile of clothes I wanted to donate, so I picked out two pieces and started from there.

The first try was cutting up a red shirt so that it would have two ends for me to tie at the waist line.

I used this picture as a reference for my t-shirt.

The result..was a complete wreck but also extremely hilarious. It was too ugly so I didn't take a photo.

The second project was cutting up a $10 dress and creating a fringed tank. It was slightly more successful haha!
I think the new piece is more energetic, what do you think? I should have been more generous in my first snip though, the tank is now more of a crop top after I tied the ends.

She has more fun videos where she shows us her eclectic wardrobe consisting of thrifted, store-bought clothing and even her mother's old lingerie. It's wild.


After choosing these three videos, I realise that the common thread that runs through them would be the spark of life in them. These videos showed me the wonder and joy of doing things just for fun or the heck of it. I love that. In the day and age of monetisation, hobbies can often be overlooked or forced to become a side hustle. It's really inspiring and wholesome to view content like this.

Well, I hope that these videos brought some cheer to you too! Sometimes there are really many gems you can find in YouTube...if you spend enough time on it for it to recommend something up your alley, haha!

Sending positive vibes your way :)