Ade.g - Exciting! Art You Can Wear

Hey sweeties 🍬!

I gotta share this great find with you. The usual disclaimer: #notsponsored

One quiet night, I simply could not fall asleep no matter how hard I tried. Sighing, I switched on the light and started to scroll endlessly on Instagram.

I came across a pair of very interesting earrings. My heart went aflutter - I have never seen such an interestingly coloured stone.
Trouvaille 9.2, Ade.g

I clicked in to visit the website. This is really dramatic but I found myself saying "太美了" several times as I browsed through the collections.

Over the past year, I have been seeing a lot of boring, safe styles in jewellery. So to me, Ade.g's designs were exceptionally bold and refreshing. I love the clear concepts behind them and the unapologetic style.
Trouvaille 8.15, Ade.g

Trouvaille 9.1, Ade.g

Sweet Pea 2.1 Ade.g 
Look at the movement in this piece! Really like art, no? You can't blame me for being excited over this midnight find.

Their designs are thoughtful too! You only need one ear piercing for this cool look.  (I don't know the name and collection for this one, the picture is from Instagram Stories)

Mirror ND Laguna, Ade.g

Pearl-fect IV, Ade.g

The Pearl-fect IV was very popular with my friends. Unfortunately, it's sold out!

Pearl-fect XI, Ade.g

The Pearl-fect XI is classy, elegant yet bold. It's sold out too.
Spur Moments DV, Ade.g

I really like this one because it's so spunky! I didn't think I could carry off a red gem though, so I'll just settle for appreciating this from afar.

Spur Moments EXVII Blue Sapphire, Ade.g
I like this because the chain that loops to the back lends a bit of swag to the overall design. This comes in three colours.


The price point of Ade.g's earrings (from $50 to $90)  is slightly higher than some popular local jewellery brands, but in my opinion their designs are a clear cut above the rest. Yes, I do love minimalist, dainty jewellery, but I also appreciate a strong design in a statement earring.

Did I buy something? Of course ;) The passion behind crafting these earrings really shines through and I am proud to #supportlocal!

In fact, I was so taken with the designs that I messaged the owner over Instagram to express my appreciation. Haha very fangirl right?

There's nothing much online about the owner of Ade.g, but I wish she would write something about herself and her inspiration for her works. Huge fan! By the way, Ade.g is not a new brand, having been founded in 2005/2012 according to Facebook, but I only recently discovered it.

Hope you enjoy these collections as much as I did! They were really a visual feast and I look forward to more. Which design sparked the most joy in your heart? Comment and let me know ;)