writing our own food menus 🍳

Harro everyone!

As you know, my sister is quite the cook at home, so I made her write a menu so I can easily order food. Heh heh. 

Her repertoire includes Korean, Western and even Chinese cuisine. I like her kimchi pancake and more recently, the spicy beef tofu soup!

Her menu also has a bakes section which includes her chiffon cakes and miso butter cookies. 

Some pictures for your viewing pleasure~

This was her first time cooking sichuan dishes.

I also made a menu, but mine definitely offers less choices. Guess I have to go learn more dishes! 

My favourite part of my menu is the dessert section, which includes cakes, cookies, pies and ice cream. I also have a bread section. 

Should probably learn how to make eggs benny too.

If you ever have the chance, I will cook you my Special Meepok! XD

I also have a beverage section that lists down my latest concoctions like yuzu houjicha and tea jelly. You can make your own cocktail page if you're into alcoholic drinks~

My To-Cook List
  • Souffle Pancakes
  • Tarts

I'm also very 鸡婆 so I wrote a menu for my mum too. It has the most dishes out of the three menus! My mum can cook so many things hahaha, meat, veggies, seafood, all types of rice and various Taiwanese goodies.

The desserts are also very Chinese - think red bean soup, wintermelon jelly etc. Lol.

Listing things down is rather satisfying and fun! One other benefit of these menus is when you eventually have to ask the dreaded question of "what to eat tonight?" you can just refer to the menus for some inspiration! 

And if you're not the cook, but the lucky person who just eats, the menu presents you with all the choices~

Yum yum,