am I becoming more discerning or are the movies getting worse?

Hey sweeties 🍬!

How has life been? I compiled some movies I had watched in the past month, and added some of my (very short) thoughts on them. They were kinda disappointing really.

A Korean action movie about the race to prevent another deadly volcano eruption that threatens the entire country. With actors we know and love~

I watched this at 1.25x because it was 2 hours long... this is becoming a bad habit I think.

Also, I had to screenshot this moment. I love their over the top expressions here.

Kind of predictable.


Kiki's Delivery Service (Live Action)

Not gonna lie, this was a little strange. Cute, but strange and somewhat off-putting. I don't see how it can ever compare to the original animated heavyweight. It's nice that they tried to make a film adaptation but I can't say 100% truthfully that it worked extremely well. Skip.


Tall Girl (Netflix)
Not entirely satisfying to me. Kind of a weak premise and weak plot. You can't bank on one tall actress, the USP of this movie, and neglect the other parts of making a good movie.

For a tall girl short boy story, I much prefer the manga/animation/live action, Lovely Complex.

There was diversity in the cast, but awfully little time and space to explore the best friend dynamic. What a waste?! 

Only a 5/10 for me.

The Goldfinch
I was surprised when I discovered that The Goldfinch would be receiving its own movie adaptation, and with a star studded cast too! This film isn't for everyone though. Drugs, violence, neglect. It's pretty depressing.

I enjoyed the young Theo's performance. Older Theo, played by Ansel Elgort, is currently facing the heat for sexual assault allegations. Yikes. Be safe, everyone.

7/10, because I wanted to see Boris (played by Stranger Things Finn Wolfhard) come to life on screen. Boris in my mind is more of a stocky guy rather than a scrawny, stylish goth, but I enjoyed their depiction anyway.


Right.... so there wasn't anything much I wanted to rave about for this batch of movies I have been watching recently. Am I just becoming more discerning, or are the movies just not that great? You tell me.

Till next time!