internet roundup #01

Heya guys!

Here's a lil round up of internet things. The series probably started long time ago but I'll just start the numbering here!

1. A Cute YouTube Channel

My friend Jeia introduced me to this quirky and cute girl called Su Lee. She makes really fun music videos of her whimsical original songs. I really enjoy her low tone too.

2. Asian MBTI

Also chanced upon this interesting Asian MBTI image online. It's super cute. I'm a Soup Dumpling, what are you?

If you don't know your MBTI, you can do a quick test here and find out. 

3. Sexuality and Autism

I also found a very meaningful video from CNA, called Sexuality and My Teenage Children with Autism. It's a very brave video on a difficult subject, especially in Asia where sex is not usually discussed in most families., what more in front of a camera!

"At 10 and 11, her daughters who have severe autism started to masturbate, sometimes for hours, and at times while they were in school or out in the public. "I never thought that sexuality would be an issue that I’d have to handle." By speaking out openly on this issue, she hopes that parents like herself can find better ways to support the sexual development of their children with autism or other intellectual disabilities."

The lady said that by stepping out and sharing her experiences, she helped others to step up and share their stories too. Sometimes, simply by being brave enough to share your stories can help create a community and help others feel less alone. I'm very heartened by this and really appreciate her efforts.

Alrighty, that's all I have for now! Hope you enjoyed this roundup. 

See you guys soon!