My Latest YouTube Cover - 说好不哭 ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

Hi my friends!

Recently I've been working on some covers my friends requested a while back. This song is called 说好不哭, originally sung by Jay Chou 周杰伦 and Ashin from Mayday 五月天, and is dedicated to my friend Chanel! 

Do you like the guitarist or the bear more? :P

To be really honest I didn't like the song much until I heard the cover done by Tanya Chua. It's sublime, do check it out!

For my own video, the peeps on Instagram voted for 'Rilakkuma' over 'Mermaid', hence the whole bear getup! Haha. 

Also played with a video clone, it was my first time really! Didn't make enough space for my guitar though, hence it does not look as seamless as it should. Oh well! I'll try again next time when there's a song that requires many parts :)

I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless!

Also, we finally received great news yesterday that our country will be moving into Phase 2, which is essentially the end of quarantine! I'm so glad! It's time to meet loved ones :')

Sending lots of love,