relationshit - brb.


So this post is a little ramble about this Singapore R&B band called brb.

They released the album 'relationshit' in early 2020. It's a really solid album, do check it out! Very catchy, very chill and very smooth. A++++

brb. is made up of a trio, consisting of Marc Lian, Clarence Liew and Auzaie Zie.

The funny thing is, I know of all three of the members from their past music projects and was so surprised to see my worlds colliding LOL. Gonna talk a little bout that below 


First up is Marc Lian, who produces and plays guitar.

He was the singer of Trick, a hip hop duo together with rapper Richard Jensen.

I used to be really hooked onto their song, Up All Night.

They also did a lot of covers ranging from Taeyang to Taylor Swift. Here's their cover of Flo Rida's Whistle.

The YouTube comments often mention how Marc Lian exudes a Jay Park look and type of singing. Back then I probably didn't know who Jay Park was, and found his singing to be closer to the American punk style.

Trivia but he is now married to Gayle Nerva, another cool Singapore artist whose music I really enjoy! Check out Pretend and Echoes, you will have no regrets. I love them!

The two songs were produced by Marc LOL and back then I didn't know they were together! I was just thinking that this electronic R&B trap style was lit.

Just yesterday, I also discovered Gayle's cute blog. She redesigned her own wedding dress using her mother's wedding dress, awww! She also posted about her apartment and her wedding on her blog.

Next up is CLO, or Clarence Liew, the vocalist.

I used to watch his videos on YouTube lmao. I remember being pretty impressed with this cover of Ariana Grande's Problem. and being amused by his hairband lol.

I think I even remember when he was making music with his gf Louisa Kan. My thought then was: Wow, must be nice to be a boyfriend-girlfriend duo.

Remember the one time he met Jeremy Passion? Yes guys haha I have been watching YouTube for the longest time. I was really into Gabe Bondoc and all the OG YouTube singers so I was quite shook when he got to MEET and SING with one of them.

CLO totally fell off my music radar because he didn't post much? Back then he did loads of acoustic stuff and the move to R&B is PERFECT! His voice is well suited to the genre and his sound is more confident and mature right now.


Lastly is Auzaie Zie, whom I know mainly from Disco Hue, which is a young, retro-pop quartet. They were honestly a huge fresh breath of air in the scene back then. He is also known as the music producer @thievves_. I think he's the youngest in brb.! I think he plays keys, produces and sings too.

From Disco Hue, I'll Be Waiting was a fun song and with an even more fun Scott Pilgrim style music video. One of my favourite tracks from their latest album "The Yearbook" is "Echoes". It's part of my workout playlist, lmao.

Since there are two producers in brb. and I didn't study their individual production styles too closely, I'm not very certain whose ideas were whose 😂 Which is a good thing I guess, since it means everything came together seamlessly. But if I really had to hazard a guess, maybe his style is more evident in 'do me right' and 'can't tell'? I'm just guessing ok HAHA don't shoot me. I was thinking the trap influences come more from Marc. I don't know. Haha.

Side note but I always found Zie to be the most comfortable behind the camera, with great shots and style whether with Disco Hue or brb. Maybe it's something called star quality! XD


Favourite tracks from relationshit:
(click to listen on spotify)

'cool with it' : I love the flow of the song and the part where he sings 'maybe'

'whoops' really reminds me of Ariana Grande because of all the 'yuh's.


Yeah so I'm glad all these artists are still around and still making music, and even better, collaborating! brb. is a power trio that I didn't expect but immensely appreciate.

They're also an inspiration to me to keep the passion alive. Do check em out, especially if you're into chill R&B.


(image from their IG)