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Hey sweeties!

Read a couple of books lately and here's my little list of three.

by Blake Crouch

Woah, another thrilling sci-fi read from Blake Crouch. This book uses memory as the jumping point for time travel. The story sure took its time to get into the thick of action,  but once it starts, it doesn't stop, so strap yourself in for a wild ride.

Also check out Blake Crouch's other book "Dark Matter": Jason from this world needs to survive the multiple Jasons of parallel worlds. Expect mayhem and non-stop action.

Delayed Rays of a Star
by Amanda Lee Koe

Singaporean author of Ministry of Moral Panic (highly recommended) writes her debut novel!

Delayed Rays of a Star is an ambitious attempt following the fictional trajectories of three notable women in film. Personally I know close to nothing about these actresses and directors so I submitted myself wholly to the book and its portrayal of them.

There has been criticism from readers who actually know who these starlets are, complaining that they did not need some of the sordid details (like Marlene's deterioration into old age). It just offends them I guess, to imagine their favourite stars described as such and living decrepit lives.

In my opinion I thought these details served its purpose of showing us a very human side of these huge stars, and also as a juxtaposition of glamour and reality.

The book was nicely tied up despite having three leading characters, though I wonder if omitting one story line (probably Lena, I liked her chapters the least) would make the overall story line simpler and even more powerful? A good book overall but not an easy read.

The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August
by Claire North

I added this book to my To Read list a long time ago. By the time I finally found it the NLB E-books system, I had completely forgotten why I added it to the list. Before reading it, I was just thinking, oh man, this book looks a little creepy. I mean, a faceless boy in black and white? It better not be horror!

Nevertheless, I decided to trust my past self and plunged into it without looking it up further.

The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August is about a man who lives many lives. Each time he dies, he has to start his entire childhood again. The first few chapters felt rather disjoint and unpalatable. However, if you hold out and be patient, the second half of the book will exhilarate you. The characters are not entirely lovable but the premise pushes through doggedly.

In the end I felt the book was actually closer to the time travel/sci-fi genre rather than a mystical 'die and be reborn' kind of story. Would recommend if you like this genre!

That's all folks! The next book feature post will be when I'm done reading some new books. Send me your recommendations, especially if you have any sci-fi picks!

Happy Reading,


  1. I agree that the cover for The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August looks a bit creepy - like Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children! Interesting book list, thanks for sharing!

    1. That's true! Luckily it was an e-book so I didn't have to look at the cover much :P Thank you, hope you will enjoy them if you happen to read them :)