Anime: Carole and Tuesday


Wow, I haven't watched an anime in the longest time, and I really miss it! Was just scrolling around in Netflix to find something and chanced upon this music anime called Carole and Tuesday.

5 minutes in...
I decided that I really loved the art, so I Googled and found out that the anime is by Bones studio, which also did Noragami, Ouran High, FMA Brotherhood and more. I looooooooved Noragami's art!!! Oh man. Let me share them with you!

Beautiful OP art.

Tuesday reminds me of Alice in Wonderland

There's lots of fun stuff to spot and enjoy in the anime. Here are some!

The obsession with Durian products...

It's a durian mascot...

Durian Soda, anyone?

The tongue in cheek references to recent happenings:

Haha the shredded Banksy work
The Manager claiming that he had a hand in these rising stars. Lol.

I totally laughed. This is a famous, successful DJ at a performance.

The DJ's house. Looks like a Sims house, and LOL at the emoji structure.

Fun episode covers based on records 
These are so fun for music fans like me!

 Cyndi Lauper
Bruce Springsteen

Video Killed The Radio Star

The futuristic world

The world is set in Mars, Alba City.

Robot bartenders
Touch screen menu

But the customer still chooses to speak to the human haha. I guess everyone wants to talk to a real being.

Hover skateboards

AI Pets

Social Media / Instagram References 

Ok I really laughed at this. This is a reference to Vogue's 73 questions with celebs. HAHA!
They uploaded their first pic on IG.


I just liked these scenes haha.

I'm guessing Tuesday's name is inspired by... Wednesday from Addams Family?!

IDK about you but haha it would be nice to have a space of your own to jam with friends. 

And that's all for this post!

Till next time!