Cool Books, Best Books


Before we do the usual year-end round up of books, I just wanna share a little on some of the best and cool books I've come across lately!

Haha I feel very betrayed by my friends when I finished a really good book and log it in my Goodreads list, only to find that they have all read it YEARS ago! And they didn't share the good stuff :'( *sob*

So I will definitely make sure to share my good picks with ya!!! There are not many because 80% of the books I read may be enjoyable but not very, very good. You know what I mean?

The Three Body Problem by Liu Cixin
Genre: Sci-fi
This is a trilogy. It's about science, aliens, politics, human faith, mystery, and some action here and there. Basically, there's another world out there. But did humanity manage to contact it? Set after the cultural revolution in China, a very violent and traumatising period for many, the story is a slow burn full of twists and tension.

Very gripping and fascinating. I absolutely recommend it! It's sooooooooo nice to have an Asian sci-fi book! Going to hunt for more.

Don't worry if you don't understand the jargon. I mostly gloss over the scientific terms and am just glad I didn't have to read these terms in Chinese. Haha.

1st Book: The Three Body Problem
2nd Book: The Dark Forest
3rd Book: Death's End

Kintu by Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi

Genre: Drama
I've been trying to broaden my book-reading horizons, so I decided to explore literature from Africa! Wow. It was breath-taking. The story spans across generations, detailing the lives of descendants after the entire line is cursed when a tragedy occurs.

The stories are sometimes heartwrenching, sometimes violent, and the emotions run raw and true. I really love how I get a peek into African bush life, culture, day-to-day life, and Africa after independence. There is talk of politics, family structure, the roles of the males and females in society, colonialism, magic, blood ties, war. It was all very interesting to me!

Anyway, I found all these books in the library. If you have any good book picks for me, please share them~ Thank you!

Happy Reading!