Making a Baby Pompom Fox

Hey guys!

Had some time on my hands recently so I experimented making some pom-poms! I really enjoy fluffy, poofy things so this was very fun for me. 

Found this book on the Recommended shelf in the library and I just couldn't resist it flipping through it and bringing it home.

Turns out that making a pompom is easy! You can do it with kids too!

You just need a few materials:

  • Yarn
    (I got mine from Daiso.)
  • Cardboard to make a template
  • Sharp scissors
Basically you make a donut hole template and wrap yarn around it. Then you cut up the yarn and tie it up, maybe trim it a little.. Haha you can Google and YouTube some videos for clearer instructions!

This was the first pom I made. Can definitely make a neater and denser one! Used this to make the fox tail in the end.
My second pom with two colours! Improved eh?!
I ran out of cardboard for the second pom's template, which is supposed to be the body of the box. So I did a trash audit and cut a template from a plastic box that used to hold highlighters. (The templates are the circles on the left, not the ring looking one in the middle of this picture)

I actually preferred this plastic template, it's easier for me to slide the yarn in and out. Seems to hold the shape better.

When I was done with the second pom, I made some ears! You'll need to needle felt or use regular felt here. I have all these supplies on hand because I once went through a needle felting phase (also fuelled by Daiso kits, lol.)

The final product! I love my Floofy Baby fox! Kawaii desu ne?

Attached a little string loop on his head and now he hangs on my desk light :)

Here are some cute pics from the book! I love these animal poms. They look so fluffy!

Resisting a trip to Daiso now in case I go crazy and buy lots of yarn home for more projects. I have a lot of felting wool left so maybe I should make more needle felt animals instead.

I'm also learning how to knit from the leftover orange yarn and some knitting needle sticks I bought years ago. Knitting is not for the faint-hearted! I don't know how people can watch TV and knit, it takes so much concentration from me. Hopefully I will complete a scarf one day?!?!? And I want to learn crochet as well, just to make a amigurimi Kiirotori (Rilakkuma's chick friend.)

Bye for now!!