Movie: I Can Speak (Korean) - Ultimate Tearjerker

Movie: I Can Speak
Genre: Drama
Duration: 119 minutes

What's it about:

Korean ahjumma Na Ok-bun is the town's resident complain queen. She turns in files after files of complaints at the town council. She wants to learn English, but for what reason?

Granny says, WASSUP?!

Stickler for rules, Park Min Jae is a city official that tries to handle Ok-bun's complaints. When she finds out that he speaks English, she pesters him to teach her English after various language centres turn her away.

Park Min Jae is our main male lead!
Our cast goes through some trials and tribulations. 

If you are planning to check out this movie, ask yourself: ARE YOU READY TO CRY?

No shit please prepare some tissues.

Personally, I was moved to tears several times, especially at the end. At first, it was the small, touching family scenes that got me, then later because of some bigger issues that I will not share here as they are big spoilers. This movie ended up being a sort of unexpected film for me, inlaid with a political agenda, but it carries an important message. I'm glad that the movie was made and agree that history should not be repeated again.

Sharing some screencaps with you. Old granny movies always get my waterworks running. I remember watching one movie where the grandchild was a ungrateful lil boy and the grandma always sacrificed things for his whims. HEARTWRENCHING. Likewise, I hate the children's book 'The Giving Tree'. So dark. 

Ahjumma learning English late into the night. She lives alone :(
Granny adopts two boys - one teen and a 33yo man. Haha! Now she has people to feed.

Look at how happy she is :')

Aesthetic establishing shots I enjoy aka Min Jae's first day of work at this office.
Our baobao tearing up because he is moved too.

I streamed this movie online because it was released back in 2017. Late to the party again but it was a good movie. Side note: Korea makes quite a lot of political's a great way to raise awareness, remember wrongs, injustice and issues that may have been swept under the carpet for other agendas. Kudos to the film team. 

Gonna wipe up my tears and snot now, seeya later.

Till then,