Lime Sorbet from homegrown limes!


Welcome back to another episode of DIY food making!!!

I wanted to make some fruit sorbet cuz my dad likes sorbets and popsicles. He requested a lime flavour so I went to the garden in the morning to pick out some. Lol. Sounds idyllic right? This image of a lady with a basket, rosy cheeks and apron springs forth.

It's such a great feeling to be able to pick fruits, herbs or vegetables from your own patch! Wish I had loads of space to have apple trees, orange trees, mango trees etc. What a dream~

The limes we have from the tree are quite small! We are planning to add natural fertilisers like coffee grounds and eggshells to help the lime tree along.

Freshly plucked limes! Love the scent.

Ok. So to make a sorbet all you need is some sugar syrup that you can make by dissolving sugar into water, either by heat or mixing. Then add your ingredients, and freeze! For more deets, try this recipe. I used less sugar cuz y'know, asian dads.

That's me cutting up these cute little kaffir limes and juicing them.

Decided to freeze in a plastic lunch box for easy handling. Made a small batch since it's the first time, plus it's probably better to remake it with fresh ingredients each time.

Here's the lunchbox before it went into the freezer.

Now I was supposed to take out the container from the freezer and churn the sorbet, breaking up the ice crystals like in this video, but I went out... and I forgot all about it until quite late at night. Lol.

So anyway the texture isn't great, it looks like ice lol.

But most importantly it wasn't too sweet for my dad and he gave a me a thumbs up! Hurray! Parental validation for the win! I could blend it further for a finer texture though so it melts even more easily in the mouth. Like a proper sorbet.

Next up we're going to test the ice cream making skills and make some mocha nut ice cream for my mum. Stay tuned for that!