My Declutter Progress


Today I just wanna share a bit on my ongoing declutter process! I actually list down everything I own for clothing, shoes and bags, and number them, so I know if there have been any changes over the months. I derive some satisfaction from this haha.

Clothing Count 
Shirts, Tops, Skirts, Shorts, Pants, Dresses, Jackets
(I didn't count PJs, socks, sports wear, winter wear)

Start of the Year: 63
Now: 44

Bought 6 new pieces of clothing this year - two dresses for weddings, a cute shirt from my Thailand trip, two Uniqlo basics, and a casual striped shirt.

Donated/threw out some items that I do not wear, found uncomfortable, or was too short.

Shoes Count
Sneakers, heels, flats, slippers, boots

Start of the Year: 8 pairs
Now: 7 pairs

A pair of new sandals broke after just a few months. Ugh.

Totes, slings, backpacks

Start of the Year: 19
Now: 17

Bags are so difficult to declutter! Haha. Maybe because they all seem so useful. Any tips?! Do I just have to harden my heart?! I have so many cute totes.


I have also embarked on digitalising some of my documents, scanning with Adobe Scan (free) as some apps have a watermark. It takes a loooong time but I tell myself to be patient as it would really free up some shelf space and make it easy for me to print next time! :)

How is your declutter process going? It actually gets more difficult for me, after my first ten purges. You then have to be really ruthless if you want to whittle down your belongings.


Picture from: m__carty /Twenty20