MMM- Matcha Mochi Muffins

Hello lovelies!

As the end of the year pulls to a close, I have a lil more free time so I got down to more DIY and baking stuff. Today's bake project is one of the easiest by far!

Came across this recipe on Subtle Asian Cooking~ If you love mochi, and you love matcha, then... why not bake a matcha mochi muffin?

Gathering ingredients. (Eggs and sugar not pictured) Everything is just a one bowl mix! No prep required LOL just measure and dump it in the bowl. Super easy. 

You'll need glutinous rice flour for this. The matcha powder I used the same as for my matcha cookies. Planning to use the matcha powder to make some ice cream after learning how to make ice cream from the workshop too! #excited

Something very interesting happened in the oven... some muffins went crazy! Haha! I added chocolate chips to half of the muffins, they held their shape better.

After 35 minutes of baking, we have nice browning on the edges! The chocolate chips are just regular Hershey semi-sweet chips. The muffins don't look as beautiful as Tiny Urban Kitchen's, but damn! Hot mochi is always soooo comforting!! Takes me back to when I had grilled mochi with sesame powder and condensed milk. Perfect combination.

I halved the recipe and had a yield of a dozen muffins. All wrinkly with a lil texture of polo buns, but HAHA you know what, my mum who dislikes sweet stuff gives it a thumbs up! She even ate a whole muffin herself lol so rare!

A close up! I enjoyed the chocolate chip ones!
Gonna give a big thumbs up and recommendation to anyone who wants a quick mochi x matcha fix with VERY minimal fuss!!!

Enjoy :)



  1. Oooh I made some of these earlier in the year and they were delicious! You make me want to make more!

    1. Haha yes! I want to make more matcha flavoured stuff soon, including matcha mochi with fillings and matcha bread :)