Challenge 3: Ice Cream Dream Fulfilled

Hey guys!

I'm back to revive my Challenge that I started earlier on in the year.

So far I've completed two challenges:
And today I'm proud to say I've completed a new activity - Making Ice Cream from scratch!

Have you ever dreamed of opening a cafe or ice cream shop? Haha I definitely have. I wanted a nice cafe selling yummy cakes and desserts. My cafe would be kind of garden themed, with a huge European fountain in the lawn.

But anyway, daydreams aside, we thought it would be fun to learn how to make ice cream, so we signed up for a workshop at Tom's Palette. It's $60 per adult, kids at $30/pax.

Some pictures from the workshop! Our instructor was the friendly and super humorous Lee Wei (not sure about the spelling of his name, sorry.) There was about 20 people for our class, made up of couples (one lady was pregnant haha), friends, and even a mother-daughter pair.

6 recipes for you to try at home! 

We learnt some theory about ice cream making, such as the ratio of ice cream, fat, etc, before watching a demonstration and getting down to making our own ice cream! We made Horlicks and Chocolate ice cream with simple ingredients like milk, sugar, egg and cream. And I think one great thing about workshops is you don't have to wash the things you use. Woohoo! XD

Mixing up stuff on the hot plate. 
The process is not crazy difficult, and the mixing was nothing like mixing bread dough, which really tests your arm strength. It was all breezy, easy and fun :)

Halfway through the class, while the ice cream was freezing in the fridge, we took a break and enjoyed an ice cream buffet. Let the pigging out begin!!!

It was crazy haha, we had 6 cups of ice cream (12 flavours). Lol. I was definitely having the time of my life.

There were super interesting flavours like Nori (seaweed), Pipagao (very cooling), Triple S (Soya sauce, shoyu, Japanese sauces.) Surprisingly so goooood, with some pine (?) nuts. Also tried Multigrain, Chocolate Stout, Rum & Raisin, Chocolate Tea etc. We really went wild.

My favourites are still Yuzu and Pistachio though~! Had a real disappointing Pistachio recently at a famous ice cream cafe and I'm so glad that this one is much nuttier and delightful. Plus the ice cream here is only a fraction of the price at that cafe!

We were a little apprehensive about how our ice cream will turn out, but the instructor did tell us not to be upset and compare to others LOL cuz everyone's ice cream is gonna be different.

Our ice cream right out the freezer.
I think we got a pretty good texture for the first time?
Packed it home and froze it some more. Without emulsifier, the ice cream melts very quickly. Horlicks on the left, chocolate on the right!

We don't really like Horlicks flavour and would replace with Milo next time! The chocolate one tasted like their Chocolate Sorbet flavour yum yum!

What flavours should we try making at home?! The recipe book has Coffee, Milk Tea, etc. 

Do visit Tom's Palette at the original Shaw Tower location before it moves! The building is being torn down after March 2020. They are also on Burpple so you can enjoy some 1-for-1 ice creams~

If you're interested in the workshop, check out their website for updates. It's a fun date idea for your SO, friends, or family. Have fun!

Meanwhile I'm really into workshops so I hope I find something fun (and affordable) to try out soon!


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