Explore: New Gallop Extension at Botanic Gardens

Hey guys!

Welcome back to the blog. Recently we went to visit the new Gallop Extension at Botanic Gardens. It's a small 350m ridge called the Mingxin Foundation Rambler's Ridge.

We mostly used Google Maps to get there, walking through Botanic Gardens, before finding a temporary signage on a path beside the National Orchid Garden. It led us through a carpark before arriving at the new Gallop Extension. The Tanglin and Nassim gates are probably the nearest gates if you are travelling via public transport/on foot.

The ridge is beside the visitors' centre. The toilet looked like it was still under construction, but there were some seeds, photos and art displayed in this lil centre. 

The ridge trail is an upward slope and you can view plants on the way up. 

Just an easy minute in, we are greeted with the sight of pitcher plants. There are 3 types - the Slender, the Narrow Lipped, and the Raffles'. These are native to SG! 

Next, we have the ant plant, with a distinctive and interesing bulbous, hollow body that serves as tunnels for ants.

There also various ferns, fan palms, and trees from Australia or other parts of Asia. It's cool that they all coexist in the same area now.

You then encounter a short flight of stairs. Initially I was worried that the trail would have more of these stairs (legs day!) just like 象山 (Elephant Mountain in Taiwan) or maybe even Bukit Timah Hill, but nope, these were just about the only (?) flight of stairs up. 

After this you get a small, short stretch of hiking trail, and a sign informs you that you are now 40m above sea level, the highest point in Botanic Gardens. (If you want a longer trail, go for the Chestnut Park hike)

You head down and walk round the OCBC Arboretum... and what? you're done with the exploration of the day haha.

  • Trail was super short (well, it is 350m after all.) However it's a nice addition to the Botanic Gardens grounds! You can explore this area on top of other areas in BG for a nice day out in nature.
  • Be armed with insect repellent though, we both promptly got bitten by mosquitoes :(
  • It took us about 15 minutes max to finish the trail and walk around the OCBC Arboretum, which is a living collection of trees. Some areas seem to be still undergoing work. 
Looking forward to more additions and development here!