Singapore Bridesmaid Tips & Hacks (AD)

Hey guys!

Just wanted to share some useful actual day (AD) wedding tips that I've gleaned from being a bridesmaid a couple times! (Hopefully I can still get married HAHA)

Handy things to have, starting from the basics.

Portable Charger and Wire
Please be contactable.

AD Schedule

Handheld Fan
An excellent idea if you are squeezing in a photo shoot at an outdoor location before the wedding banquet. Perfect for keeping the bride cool so she always looks great.

Same idea as the fan - this keeps the couple cool and make sure they look their best.

Safety Pins 
Handy if anyone has a wardrobe malfunction. Once, a guest ripped her dress so this came in handy.

For anyone who needs it. Just be prepared.

Extra Angbaos and Cash
Also super useful especially if you have a tea ceremony and the couple needs to gift some younger relatives angbaos. Sometimes they may miscount or maybe more relatives may turn up - you never know. Extra angbao envelopes can also help guests who forgot to bring theirs.

This is especially if you are the maid of honour. Expect to keep makeup, bobby pins, your phone, and her phone ready at hand. If the bride has dress changes (qipao, kua, for tea ceremony or even photoshoot etc), this bag is also handy to put the clothes, shoes, wipes, and maybe a bottle of water. Bag can also be used to keep angbaos and presents that relatives gift - your bride has no pockets so YOU are the pocket! Haha.

"You are the bag. You are the pocket!"

This can be done either by the bride or bridesmaid. If the couple is doing their solemnisation on the actual day, place the couple's ICs inside, together with their vows, a pen to sign the marriage cert, an angbao for the solemniser, and LABEL the pouch. For example, 'FOR SOLEMNISATION: Bring to hall' etc. 

In the same vein, it's useful to label bags with masking tape. For example: 'Overnight Bag - to be brought to suite' , 'Photos for reception table' or 'Laptop: Bring to *location*' so things get to their correct spots. Make sure the electronics have their passwords removed so that hotel staff have easy access to hook up your videos and music to the AV system.

Hair Changes
Video the process if the MUA is not around later. This helps you remember how to attach a hair piece, or fix up the bride's hair or veil.

If you can, help arrange or prepare some coffee (canned is easiest) for the group especially if you have one of those 4am call time for gate crashes and early morning ceremonies. Breakfast is nice too, even if it's just bread.

Please help make sure that the cars can help fit the photographers, videographers, make up artists etc on top of the bridal team.

Flower Bucket
Usually the bride has a main bouquet. This should be put in a bucket (sometimes provided by the florist), or a vase.

Whatsapp Group for ALL of the bridal party.
This is super important - unexpected things can crop up on the day and this helps everyone solve problems quick and easy. Let everyone know where important things are: for example, the access cards to the bridal suite.

List of phone numbers for external vendors or event coordinator
Your couple has no time to deal with them, so you are going to be in charge.

Parking Coupons
If the wedding is held at a hotel, you can ask for parking coupons. Other than setting aside some at the reception table, hold on to a bunch for the bridal team, family, and to deal with direct requests from guests. They may ask the couple for it, and in turn you should be the one providing it. 

Reception Table
Haha. Sometimes guests come up and say, 'I'm third aunt, where am I sitting?' Lol. It gets quite confusing for a friend to try to identify the relative so ask questions to help ease the process. For example, 'Are you friend or family? Do you know the bride or groom?' These questions can help guide you to locate their seating. Hopefully your couple had sorted out the list with names and relations beforehand too. You can also tally up the guest lists with the others at the reception during a lull. 

This is more for the after-wedding recovery experience. You will probably be so sore after a day in heels.

Lastly, the number one thing you need to have is:

On the big day, there are lots of people and things to coordinate. The couple may or may not have prepared for some of these things that can crop up, so it's really up to you and the team to tackle things together. Always be helpful, on the ball, and don't underestimate team work! Together, a dedicated team can work miracles :)

Sometimes, the bride may only need an extra hand to support them down the stairs, hold their veil, or help them carry something. Anticipate, and participate. Be there for her :)

Thanks to all the wonderful bridesmaid friends and brides who did these things IRL and made this post possible! If you have more handy tips, be sure to share them in the comments!